Level 10, Grand Annexe 84 Boulcott Street Wellington 04 974-6860

Commercial Risk Specialists

An award-winning team

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We think we’re professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. Our clients use words to describe us like awesome, approachable, perfect and patient.

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Bernie Kane DDI: 04 974 6862 | Mobile: 021 755 183
Lisa McLeod DDI: 04 974 6863 | Mobile: 027 434 7602 
Mark Hurren DDI: 04 974 6861  |  Mobile: 021 848 345 
Malcolm Meyer DDI: 04 555 0540 | Mobile: 022 020 9667 
Janice Macgee DDI: 04 555 0599 | Mobile: 027 288 5454
Deb Kirk DDI: 04 974 6864 
Tamara Williams DDI: 04 974 6860

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We’re proud of the awards we’ve got for being at the very top of our game.
We are an Insurance Advisernet Platinum Practice

We are members of Insurance Advisernet, a network of independent brokers throughout New Zealand, bound together by a desire to be the best broking businesses in our respective regions. One of the many benefits Insurance Advisernet bring to our business is the auditing of broking advice and processes for best practice. They have established a benchmark for best practice called Platinum Practice which measures our business across a series of metrics including: Basis of advice, New business process, Renewal process, Management of accounts, Operations and administration.

 We are very proud of the fact we have been awarded Platinum Practice by Insurance Advisernet. 
Dave Crawford


'Meridian General Brokers have won the Insurance Advisernet Broker of the Year award in 2019, 2016 and 2012, as well as being regular finalists. Only one of two businesses in New Zealand to have achieved this. Bernie Kane and his team embody the values of Insurance Advisernet through delivering personalised service based on good advice and choice ensuring that their customers receive the best outcomes for them. Meridian General Brokers have developed an excellent reputation with clients and insurers and are consistently one of Insurance Advisernet’s top members in New Zealand.'

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LMI Phoenix Awards

‘50% of businesses fail within 2 years of a major insured event. LMI Group’s Phoenix Award recognises those businesses that had the management skill and tenacity, coupled with adequate insurance, to not only revive and survive, but truly thrive following such a loss/disruption. We congratulate the worthy recipients of the LMI Group’s Phoenix Award, who have been inducted into the exclusive Phoenix Club. The support and assistance provided by the broker during this time, can be easily overlooked given the enormity of the tasks facing the business. For this reason, The Phoenix Club recognises these dedicated professionals. As in practice, so too in our honour roll below, the broker stands beside their client through the good times and the bad, as a trusted adviser.’ – Prof. Allan Manning of LMI Group