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Our clients tell it like it is

Find out why they choose Meridian General

Chris Parkin, Businessman

“They’re a small outfit and they’re very personable, they’ve always given me very very good advice.”


Brent Melhop, Business Knowledge

“They’re experts in their field, we’re very comfortable in referring clients to them.”

David Black, Racetech

“I believe we actually saved money and got more cover when we moved over to Meridian General.”


Steven Scheckter, Ontrays

“Anything that I need they attend to straight away.”


Iselde de Boam, Absolute Therapy

“If it weren’t for Bernie and his team at Meridian General I wouldn’t have considered in as much depth the risk factors that we have to face.”


Tania Siladi, Dragonfly

“Meridian General explain everything to us, I feel like they fight for our point of view and they give us really sound advice.”


Roger Dalgleish, Equinox IT

“Every year Meridian prepare a comprehensive review of our risk and needs and what is best for our requirements… That’s an approach we’ve not seen elsewhere”