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Our approach

People before paperwork

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We take insurance personally

You won’t get a generic, off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solution from us, that’s just not how we do things. We believe in taking a personal approach with our clients. We make it our business to spend the time to really understand you, your business and what matters to you. Each and every business owner we talk to has their own unique set of circumstances, challenges, risks and aspirations. And that’s important to know, because the advice and solutions we give needs to be specific to you, not the business down the road. Discovering your policy or cover isn’t right when you need to make a claim can have real consequences. And by then, it’s too late.

We take confusing and complex and make it smart and simple

We specialise in managing commercial risk for businesses. Our team of insurance brokers are qualified, experienced and professional. Collectively we’ve been in this game for over 135 years, so we really know our stuff. We’ve built an industry reputation for excellent underwriting expertise and claims management. Our clients tell us they value our great service and the way we make the very complex, simple – that’s a real strength of ours. We often hear them say, ‘Nobody told me this before!’ and then we know we’re doing our job. And, like many of our own clients, we’re proud to be an independent, locally owned Kiwi business.

How we work

Our 6-step advice process

Tailored solutions require a tailored approach. That means getting to know you and your business and finding out more about your unique situation and how you do things. Our 6-Step Advice Process is designed to identify potential risks and ensure you have the right cover in place when you need it. It’s a proven method of assessing and analysing your insurance needs, recommending the best solutions and ensuring your insurance keeps pace with your individual circumstances and changing business. No one wants to pay for cover they don’t need. Working through the six steps allows us to come up with the best insurance package for you, at the best possible price. And then get to work taking care of everything for you. 

The steps we take when insuring your business

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Step 1.
Talk & Agree

Talk about what areas of advice you need and agree on how we’ll work together.

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Step 2.
Listen & Learn

Listen and learn more about you and your business, your needs, goals, expectations and aspirations.

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Step 3.
Assess & Evaluate

Assess, analyse and evaluate your business risk including assets, business continuity, liabilities and personnel.

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Step 4.
Develop & Present

Develop and present our expertly tailored recommendations to you.

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Step 5.
Organise & Implement

Oversee the complete implementation of the insurance programme you’ve chosen.

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Step 6.
Monitor & Check

Regularly monitor your programme and check in with you to see if anything’s changed.

Our clients tell it like it is

Here's what they have to say

Brent Melhop, Business Knowledge

“They’re experts in their field, we’re very comfortable in referring clients to them.”


Iselde de Boam, Absolute Therapy

“If it weren’t for Bernie and his team at Meridian General I wouldn’t have considered in as much depth the risk factors that we have to face.”



Roger Dalgleish, Equinox IT

“Every year Meridian prepare a comprehensive review of our risk and needs and what is best for our requirements… That’s an approach we’ve not seen elsewhere”
The power of a network

Insurance Advisernet

We’re part of a bigger network of independent insurance brokers across New Zealand and Australia – Insurance Advisernet. With over 61,000 clients and 100,000 plus policies, and relationships with every major Australasian insurer, the collective buying power of this group enables us to offer you the very best available insurance solutions at highly competitive prices.